What if a book starts speaking? 🤔

Preet Nandaniya
Feb 10, 2022

Hello guys! Today, I will share my thoughts on “What if a book starts speaking?”!

This one is for fake readers >:)

That page corner bending to find it fast next time to me:

The bookmarked page:

Thanks for reading my mini blog!

This was not made by me, it was made by Shagun Sharma on Twitter, here is the link of the real thread :D (Don’t forget to give credits guys) :- https://twitter.com/shaggywritess/status/1490928001629896705?s=20&t=_BkJqo4Dz8XO-NH8KF694g

And here is here profile link :- https://twitter.com/shaggywritess?s=20&t=_BkJqo4Dz8XO-NH8KF694g

6 blogs out of 6 blogs completed! Phew! Catch you up in the next blog!



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