The day my sister was born 😍

Okay, so Happy New Year. I forgot to wish you guys in the last blog so yeah, sorry

So, 17 October 2021. It was Saturday. I was attending my classes. I was in my native place due to the pandemic. Because of the power cut, I couldn’t attend the classes. My mom was going for her regular check-up and I went along with her. During the trip, I asked what if the baby came today. She said possibly. So, after reaching, the doctor did the checkup. By the way, the doctor was my relative only. Yeah, so he said it was time to get the baby out. I got so excited. Then, we took mom to her room and waited. Then mom went to the operation theatre where we weren’t allowed to go. So, my dad called grandmother to come as early as possible. She had bought some lunch for us. Then I went to the doctor’s house which was just beside and waited there for 2 hours. After that, we went to buy some fruits. Then I felt hungry after sitting half an hour like a rock. So, my dad gave me some money to buy snacks for both of us. I went to the canteen. I bought rumbles and chataka pathaka. We ate snacks. After that, I just explored the area. Then I waited at the doctor’s house. During that, my bapuji aka my dad’s elder brother went to pick up my brother and my ba. Till then I met my small sister! I went to buy some biscuits for my mom. My father and my grandmother went to give her vaccine. I was so happy and I got tears in my eyes. Meanwhile, my brother and my ba came with dinner. We ate dinner. Then, meand my father went to buy a cake. After that, we did some cake cutting and welcomed her to the planet Earth.

Hope you guys liked my blog!

2 blogs out of 6blogs done! Stay tuned!




Just a curious middle school student who writes blogs :D

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Preet Nandaniya

Preet Nandaniya

Just a curious middle school student who writes blogs :D

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