My Summer Vacation! (Day — 0, 1 and 2)

Preet Nandaniya
5 min readMay 9, 2022


Hello there! So, my summer break just started from Saturday. So from now I will write a blog on how I spend every day of my precious Summer Vacation. So let’s begin!

Day — 0

So, Day — 0 means Friday. I will skip the whole school part and talk about the entire after-school time. So, after I got seated in my bus, my friends, Aarnav, Mantra and me started to sing “Vacation”. And then everyone started singing and just few seconds later the entire bus became singer singing “Vacation!”. The our bus teacher came (the bus teacher is the teacher who goes home with students only) who is my mathematics teacher. She actually friendly with us. She likes to talk with us. Anyways, back to the point so when my mathematics teacher came, she said that, “Stop it, after vacation you guys have to come and handle the torture again”. So after reaching home, I was jumping out of joy. I quickly changed my clothes and had my lunch. Then I watched T.V. and after 2 hours, I went to play. While playing me and my friend, Aarnav, made a plan to eat gola together alone. Now people who don’t know what is gola, let me tell you that it is crushed ice attached to stick and added syrup like Kala Khatta, Orange, Kachi Keri aka raw mango and many more and you have to suck the syrup. So, after the plan being made, I went home to have dinner. I had very light dinner, poha because I was not very hungry because I ate pasta for snacks. Then, Aarnav called me to come down. I took some money with me and went down. We walked to the shop. We first went to a stationary to buy some decorative stuff. Then, we went to eat gola. We both ordered Kala khatta + Orange. Then after eating it, I bought a cup of ice-cream for my little sister and then went to home. After reaching home, I watched T.V. and waited for my dad to arrive. He arrived in few minutes only. Then my dad freshed up himself and he ate dinner. He then invited one of his colleague to eat gola. Then I took my cycle and my parents came walking. We went to the same gola shop were Aarnav and me went. After reaching there, I was doing timepass with my cycle and they all were eating gola. My dad also ordered me Mango Malai. I had one gola and I have a gola policy; one gola a day. But as he had ordered for me, I just ate a bit and again cycled. Then, my dad’s colleague challenged that I couldn’t take a U-turn without putting my feet down and I defeated him! Then, we went home and then sleep.

Day — 1

It was Saturday. I woke up and we had made a plan to go for cycling to Adani Shantigram! It was the biggest township in India! I always wanted to cycle the entire Adani Shantigram. I brushed my teeth and went down with my homies and came back home. I had lunch and then I watched T.V. for 3 hours. Then, my friend, who lives there asked me that if I am still coming for cycling. Then, during evening, I went for a bath and wore formal clothes. I got ready then. We sat in the car and we went. There was a huge traffic near Vaishnodevi circle and because of that we got super late. And because of that my entire plan got cancelled :(. Anyways, when we reached there, we went to my dad’s college friend’s house. They all talked for a while then we went to see the fountain show which happens near Adani Waterlily. My dad’s friend unlocked me MyByk. They all came in car and I was the only guy who came in cycle. To be honest, it felt really good. The fountain show was very good. Then we went home. We had dinner in Honest and then went home and just then I hit the sack.

Day — 2

Just usual stuff like waking up, having breakfast and etc. I had nothing to do so I just did timepass. But in evening, we went to Reliance Trends for the shopping of Mumbai trip. We left nearly at 6:00 pm. Then, my parents were coming in Activa and I was coming in cycle. I am cycling freak for people who don’t know. Anyways, after reaching there we did some shopping and I did timepass because just like other epik bois, I don’t like clothes shopping much, I hate it. I just took a pant, a short, a t-shirt and a t-shirt selected by my dad. My dad did’t buy anything because he hates clothes shopping double. My mom likes shopping much just like other girls. My mom did her shopping for my little sister applying the laws of fashion. And it also seemed like that my sister likes shopping. She used to take random clothes and give it to my mom. Anyways, my mom did her shopping precisely and just not like me. I just put random clothes and do timepass in trial room. Is it just me and my dad or other epik bois hate shopping? Anyways, here is a incident which happened to me in trial room. I took a pant with me in the trial room. I had taken out my shorts which I was wearing and had put it in the trial room seat just for sign that this trial is occupied by someone. There was a rush in the men’s trial room. After wearing the pant, I went to show it to my parents. As soon I came back, I saw that my trial room was invaded by some guy. I knocked on the door. Instead, of opening it, he said, “One minute!”. After waiting 10 seconds again I knocked. I was about to blast due to rage and wanted to give him a lecture but I controlled my anger. I was a short-tempered guy if messed with me in a very bad way. Anyways, after the second knock, he said “One minute yaar!”. I just swallowed my anger. Then again after 2 seconds, I knocked back. He just opened the door instead of replying. I just wanted to rush like FBI meme

Anyways, he just opened and I just wore my clothes and came back LOL. Anyways, after the shopping we went home, had dinner and went to sleep.

That’s it folks! Thanks for reading!



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