How I spent my Sunday (2–1–2022)

‘Sup everyone. So, today I will tell you how I spent my Sunday. I hope you guys like it!

So, I woke up at 8:00 A.M. and did my regular morning stuff like brushing and etc., and got ready. I ate breakfast and got ready. But, as I just exited the door, I need an emergency call to the bathroom. after 15–30 minutes, we started the journey. I was unexpectedly feeling very cold so I slept. Oh yes, I didn’t mention where we were going. So we were going to Indroda park, Gandhinagar with my mama, nani, and my more than 1-year-old cousin, Jaishvi. My mami couldn’t come because were legs were paining badly.

Then after reaching there, they gave us a ticket and we parked our car in the parking lot and submitted the ticket we got and bought some tickets. Then we waited for my mama for 5–7 minutes, and after my mama reached, he also submitted the ticket he got and then we started exploring the park. First, we went to the dinosaur and fossil area. I tried making a video blog but failed. Then, after exploring the area, we went to see snakes. There were 5- 10 snakes. The Indian Rock Python was so fat that it looked that he will just explode right now so I kept a 15-centimeter distance away from him lol. Then, we saw birds. There were parrots, eagles, and ducks. But then, my mom noticed that the squirrels entered the cage and steal the parrot's food, and ran away. Then we proceeded to see tigers, lions, leopards, and white tigers. Then we took a small break. During the break, I ate an orange and a banana.

Then we went to see the zoo. But, my mama got tired so they returned home. Then, we explored the vast area. Then, my father wanted to take a break but me and my mom wanted to explore. So, my father and my sister rested and me and my mom explored the area. We saw and whale skeleton, crocodiles, crocodile babies, porcupine, turtle, and tortoise and then we came back to the place where my father was sleeping. Then we walked towards the exit.

Then, we thought to make a picnic there but we couldn’t because we were not allowed to. So, we went to my mama’s house and had lunch. Then, I saw some T.V. and everyone slept after everyone woke up, we went to see my mama’s new house. It was very good. But, surprisingly, we met our relatives! My dad, mama, and my nana talked for a while and till then I explored the area. Then, we went the home and my brother was there. We all talked for a while and then my mami’s brother had come. We all talked about engineering. Then we ate dinner.

After eating dinner, I played with Jaishvi and then we all headed home. I fell asleep in the car. Then we reached home. I woke up and then we went to our house. We all talked for a while and then I headed to bed as I was feeling sleepy. But then I couldn’t realize that I slept in the car so I will not fall asleep in a while so I played with Tanishi for a while and went to sleep.

I hope you guys liked my blog!

4 blogs out of 6 blogs written! Stay tuned!




Just a curious middle school student who writes blogs :D

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Preet Nandaniya

Preet Nandaniya

Just a curious middle school student who writes blogs :D

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